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Internet universe already become a part of our life. You can go out from your house without your wallet, but you can't leave your house without smartphone. Same like your business. If your business wants to compete with others, it need to appear on internet. Wherever, whenever your (soon to be) customer looking for about your products or services, they must to find your website first. Our vision is to help your business win the competition. Ready to start?

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Digital Marketing

Who Are We

Who Are We

The Tukang Marketing is a group of nerd, trendy, funny, sporty people who has one same hobby. We are love marketing. Our focus is digital marketing. On 2014, our mentor and director Ivan Suganda create and build The Tukang Marketing as a digital marketing agency, he found us, and gather us. Word "Tukang" in Indonesian language means "A Person Who Specialized to Create or Do Something".

And in this business, we want achieve something more, with you. Our goal is "Make your business profitable on internet". It means, whenever and wherever your prospective customers/clients looking about your business, they will find you. 

What We Do

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method to optimise your website's rank on search engine, like Google, to their 1st page or maybe to the number one the 1st page. We will optimise your rank with a white hat system, so it will be safe from search engine's rule. Let's make your prospective customer/clients will find you easily

Search Engine Marketing

77% people looking for information via search engine, either Google or Yahoo. We have vast experience handled clients in many industries with different strategies using Google ads or Yahoo, like using Search Adwords, Youtube Ads, Display network, and manage the strategies of their campaign, to make it effective and efficient. The Tukang Marketing also become one of digital marketing agency which got Google's Partner label since 2016.

Social Media
Social Media Content Management

Social media become one of the best tools to reach your customers. They need to see your existence, and your social media is the best tool to socialize. If you ever doubt to use social media, think about this "Every people have 2 social media account minimum in their smartphone.". If you stay low, nobody see you, they will see your competitors.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads placement like Facebook or Instagram become one of the best promotion tools in the world. Super cool feature, detail targeting, makes you can socialize your business to your target market efficiently and effectively.

Web Development
Web Design & Development

Start your online business? Then, you need a website. Don't just sell your products in a marketplace or social media. Use your own website, bring traffic for you only. We create website based on Google SEO standard, and a very modern design to make your website STAND OUT.

Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrate your business with all digital marketing platform like Google Ads, exist on social media like Facebook-Instagram using their ads platform, have a cool design graphics and engage contents in social media, bring more followers, bring more traffic and potential buyer to your website. We will create the great game plan and marketing system for it, with you as our master. Let discuss about this. 

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