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Search Engine Optimisation or we called it SEO is a method to increase your website rank from bottom to the first page of search engine, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even Duck Duck Go. What we do are optimise your website's rank and visibility, so every time people looking for you business keyword, they will find your website on top of Google 1st page. Cool right?

SEO had two method or way of work. One, we can use a black hat method. This is demon way to reach the page one. We just use a software, put your website in that, and suddenly your website's rank will increase in no time. But, if Google or other search engine know you using this cheat method, they can penalyze your website or banned it.

Second method is White Hat, this is an angel way to improve your web's rank. Usually, we use this method. In this method, we create a good strategies depends on your business, create manual backlink, use PBN, or anything good to make a good quality backlink. And also, improve your on page SEO.

As a SEO agency, we always give you the White Hat method as the best, safest method and result. Contact us for more info.

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